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Holiday and Stag Night Fun

Fancy a gang bang with a greedy girl?

jojo september 2010

JoJo loves sex, preferable with good looking young guys aged 20-45 who have hard cocks. She wants no money, just a good shagging!

If you are a group of guys coming to Benidorm for a lads holiday, or for a Benidorm Stag Night, why not spice the trip up with a gang bang?

Here is what JoJo has to say:


I am a

  • MILF I am in my 40's, but young guys like to play with me
  • Hotwife I often play way and tell my husband about it when I get home
  • Greedy Girl I like lots of sex with groups of guys
  • Cougar I like to chase younger guys for sex

Who likes LOTS of hard cock!

I am looking for some fun and attention from hot young guys and groups of guys aged from 20 to 45 who want to have a laugh, a drink, a dance and have some good sex as well.

I am looking for guys who know how to give foreplay and how to use their cocks! So come on guys (or better still cum on me guys, or cum in me lol I love bareback sex and fresh cum, and I swallow)

If you are a group of lads coming to the Costa Blanca area of Spain for a stag night or holiday drop me a line. If I am free I will come out drinking with you, then cum back to your room with you, then you can all cum in or on me!. You can even take photos or a video to show your mates back home!

To see some of my action pictures move your mouse over the pictures below and they will change to show me with some of the guys I have played with in the past.

I like my sex like a good meal:

For starters:

  • I like lots of licking, kissing and fondling.

For main course:

  • I like a good hard shag with lots of hard cocks in my hands, mouth and pussy!
  • Lots of cum on my body, in my mouth ( I love to swallow cum) and in my pussy

For desert:

  • I like to play again if possible lol

JoJo loves sex with groups of guys and getting covered in cum I always like to meet on neutral territory - a bar does nicely, with my partner David with me. I like to play with him watching or joining in, but I do sometimes play solo if I feel comfortable doing so. Start by having a drink and a chat and get to know each other. If we like each other then we can proceed back to your house or our hotel for some action.

Please don't wait for me to take the lead, I like to be led or asked to get down to things, once we are in the bedroom, I will not need to be asked any more! You are all welcome to fuck me as much as you like, bareback or with a condom, and you can cum as many times as you want.

I don't like to be bossed around, have my hair pulled, or my arse slapped. Anal is not on the menu, nor are watersports, bondage or any hitting.

I am a genuine swinger, I have been in the scene since October 2000.

I will only respond to e-mails that have pictures attached. Pictures should show your face and or body, not your genitals.

You are welcome to take pictures or videos, (as naughty as you like) as long as you let me have a copy of them.

My likes:

  • Guys who want sex for fun
  • Hot sticky cum, in my pussy, in my mouth or on me,
  • Groups of guys
  • Spit roasts
  • Double Penetration
  • Orgasms
  • Bareback sex
  • guys under 45 I repeat under 45
  • Please no younger than 20


  • Rude people
  • No-shows
  • 30 second men - cum and run
  • Slapping
  • Hair pulling
  • arse jabbers (No anal)
  • face fungus (beards & moustaches)
  • BO
  • Condoms, but you can use one if you wish (bring some lube as they make me dry up)

So get writing click here to send me a mail, remember to have a picture of each of you and lets see if we can meet up for some messy action very soon.

JoJo xxxx